Posted by: Sarah Arrow | October 9, 2009

Do you use or leave holiday reviews?

Do you use review websites to leave reviews or ratings  after renting a villa or booking your holiday?

We recently came across a blog, where a fake review was left on a major review website with the attempt to damage someone’s holiday business.  Fortunately they had a blog where they could challenge some of what was written.

This person called SIX TIMES within the space of 5 minutes and was answered by the machine each time, but did not leave any message.  On the final call, thinking that perhaps it was an emergency, we picked up and an Australian voice – without apologising or introduction – demanded to speak to an Australian couple who were staying with us.  I said that they had retired to bed and I could not disturb them unless it was an emergency, to which the caller replied that I should just put him through.  I explained that we were not a hotel and so did not have phones in the guest rooms.  He hung up on me.

Fake Review Number One

The following day I happened to be looking at our listing on TripAdvisor and saw the following fake review.


When you read down the post, you will see how hard the guest house owners had to work to have a fake review removed and what happened after.  The travel industry is very tough at times.

Here at we have to remain impartial and not take sides but we do suggest that when staying at a location you have not heard of or booked through a reputable site,  that you do  a bit more research.

We positively welcome conscientious landlords to advertise their holiday villas with us as we find those that look after their properties get more rentals.

If you leave a review, its good to be honest. What does it say about you when a dishonest review is left?

As a holiday maker how do you know the difference between a bad review and a faked review?

The admin team

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  1. The potential for fakery, whether by owners, competitors or any crackpot who wants to indulge in cyber-vandalism, is a serious flaw with sites like Tripadvisor that allow anonymous, unsubstantiated reviews of properties.

    Fakiing probably occurs only rarely, and a comparison with other reviews may make you smell a rat if one opinion stands out from the rest. But if a place has only a small number of reviews then the opportunity to be misled by one or two fakes is increased.

    I would take TripAdvisor with a pinch of salt – never rely on it as the sole basis for judgment.

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